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Museum of popular customs in Sliven

In the first quarter of the 19th century unknown Tryavna masters built in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Sliven - Kaftandzhiyska, an open symmetrical porched house. It is a model of the residential architecture from the National revival period. The owner of the house, the merchant of frieze (homespun woollen cloth) Dyado (Grandfather) Boyo, built in fact two houses, touching each other. The larger one, which was built first, was known as the House of Patkoolu, while the smaller one, which was built later, was called Arnautkina House.

The compact architecture and spatial composition, the projecting parts of the porch and wood-carved ceilings, the wide eaves with exquisite curves at both ends, the octagonal columns and refined wooden balustrade, the wide open corridor, the wooden staircase and deep spacious vaults - all these mark its external architectural qualities, practical design and imposing appearance. The interior features and architectural elements are also enhanced with the wickets, mensofas, practical built-in cupboards, hem-stitched niches for cutlery and shelves, ornate icon-stands and the picturesque frescoed niche.

In 1963 the House of Patkoolu was turned into a museum where an exhibition was displayed recreating the interior arrangements, cosines and harmony of the Sliven craftsman's house from the 19th century. In October 2009, a new exhibition named "Traditions and culture of Sliven" was opened in the museum-house. It shows the variety and specificity of traditional culture and rituals such as calendar rites, rituals accompanying harvest activities and family rituals with an emphasis on traditional wedding. Due to the lack of space ,only the main calendar rites typical for the region are included - special focus is placed on ritual meal and requisite as well as magic spells. Along with this, an emphasis is put on ritual and festive costumes of the region. All the elements of the costumes, a product of inherited and creatively upgraded century-old traditions are authentic and unique.The House-museum of popular customs in Sliven from the early 20th century, or the so-called Arnautkina House, was opened in 1969. It presents the way of life of the Sliven town family in the first decades of the 20th century. Imported and Bulgarian furniture - such as a bedroom suite, bedside tables, a sofa, armchairs, a sideboard, are exhibited.

Although the house is a product of an older time, the innovations of the town way of life successfully coexist with the mensofa in the bedroom, the kitchen hearth and the large wooden cupboards in all rooms.

These traditions are further illustrated by the great number of woollen, cotton and goat's hair rugs, laid on the podiums, the ribbed ritual pieces of cloth, the tablecloths and square cloths, woven by a great variety of fabrics and using different techniques. The exhibition is not arranged in show-cases and under glass, which contributes to creating a better communication between the visitors and the exhibited items of the cultural heritage.

The large cobblestone courtyard, the flower garden and the shed with different tools and farm equipment contribute to the overall architectural-ethnographic complex - a living proof of the inexhaustible spirit and brilliant cultural advancement of the Sliven craftsmen.



Град Сливен, бул. „Цар Освободител” №18

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