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House-Museum "Hadji Dimitar"

At the end of the 18th century in the Sliven neighbourhood "Kloutsohor" was built the house of the Assenovi family, where the great Bulgarian rebel - the legendary voivoda (leader) Hadji Dimitar was born on 10 May 1840. 

Here, in 1935, the first museum collection was opened which grew into an exposition in 1955.

The birthplace is a small, one-storeyed , unsymmetrical house with a wooden verandah, with the characteristic construction and architecture , typical of the early Revival period.

The traditional interior of the room where Hadji Dimitar was born was completely restored. So were the guest room, the kitchen and the wine cellar, typical for Sliven.

The inn of hadji Nicola Assenov has been included in the museum complex, together with the outhouse and stables. The typical atmosphere has been created there, characteristic of the pre-liberation inn and workshop for thick woollen rugs. 

On the second floor is shown a large exposition about the two leaders Hadji Dimitar and Stephan Karadja. There are interesting samples of firearms and metal weapons, photographs and documents, connected with the heroic march of the detachment of the two men in 1868. 

The house museum "Hadji Dimitar" is one of the 100 national tourist places of interest, listed as №54.

On 13th May 2008 was opened to the public the new object - documentary exposition at "Hadji Dimitar" museum - house. 



The native House

The native room

Living room and Kitchen


Overnight rooms and workshop


Град Сливен, бул. „Цар Освободител” №18

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