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Museum Exhibition "Dobri Chintulov"

In the old Sliven neighbourhood "Deli Balta" is situated the house where the distinguished poet, educator and church figure Dobri Chintulov lived up to 1886.

The house was built in the 1850s by the two brothers Ivan and Dobri Cintulovi quite near the house where they were born. It has the typical architecture of the period - an open, unsymmetrical two-storeyed house with wooden projecting parts of the verandah and balconies hanging above a large cobbled yard.

In the middle of 1970s the house was completely restored and a museum exposition was opened there.

The photographs and documents, the belongings of the poet and the recreated typical atmosphere of the period reveal important stages of the life and social and creative activities of Dobri Chintulov.

The books from his personal collection, textbooks and reference books shown there give us information about the activities in the sphere of the education and culture in Sliven during the Revival period.

There is a solemn ceremony every year in the house where the name of the winner of the special Dobri Chintulov award for literature and art is written in a special place on the wall. This award is given to distinguished figures of literature and culture on the day of Sliven - 26th October, the day of its patron saint St. Dimitar.



Град Сливен, бул. „Цар Освободител” №18

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