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New and Modern History

The section consists of two parts - New history of Bulgaria (including the period from 1885 to 1944) and Modern history of Bulgaria (starting in 1944 up till now).

The section New history of Bulgaria studies the economic, social, political, cultural and educational development of Sliven and its region at that period.

In the last few years the attention has been focused on the study of the activities of the local town councils aiming at making Sliven a commercial and industrial centre, at the achievements of the industrialists and craftsmen of Sliven in their endeavours to integrate the town to the European economic values and the medals of the local producers at international fairs and exhibitions.

The department has the following collections:

  • photographs
  • documents
  • personal belongings
  • weapons
  • orders
  • medals
  • badges
  • seals and cliches
  • newspapers and books published in Sliven
  • musical instruments

The section Modern history of Bulgaria deals with the study and popularisation of the history of the II World War. As a result of the collection work there have been filed and preserved in the basic fund of the museum original materials, photographs and documents in the following collections:

  • the participation of the regiments of Sliven in the final phase of the II World War
  • youth-brigade movement (1946-1951)
  • samples of the products of the industrial plants and firms
  • the district of Sliven and its twin towns in Germany, the Ukraine, Poland and Hungary
  • cultural life in the Sliven district
  • the activities of the opposition in the region of Sliven (1944-1954)
  • books by authors from Sliven

Three specialists work in the department New and Modern history of Bulgaria. In their activities they keep close contact with local history experts, members of famous families from Sliven, war veterans, figures of the arts and culture and public figures.

The rich fund of the department is the basis of the various activities of the specialists in the museum. They organise and take part in national and regional scientific activities, publish their work, prepare exhibition documents, arrange exhibitions both in the halls of the museum and outside it, prepare materials with scientific and popular character, make references and consultations, take part in educational activities, etc.



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