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History of Bulgaria in XV-XIX CC

The chronological dimensions of the problem areas presuppose the investigation of a long period of the historical development of the town of Sliven and its region, which lasted for centuries, in the conditions of a foreign political and religious rule. 

18-19 CC are of special scientific interest as Sliven was one of the greatest centres of the National Revival period at that time. It was not only an industrial and political centre but it had great potential with the moral constructs of its civil society.

The specialists in this section explore the different tendencies in the development of crafts, commerce, educational and religious movement and the resulting cultural contacts; the beginning and the evolution of the political doctrines of the national liberation.

The section possesses valuable collections of manuscripts, documents, photographs, old printed books, weapons (collections of firearms and cold steel weapons) and others. 

Exhibits of the fund nave been arranged in the two house museums connected with the period - those of Hadji Dimitar and Dobri Chintulov. 

In the process of scientific investigation the historians work with the central archives and personal archives; they systematically hold expeditions of thematic research, connected with our cultural and historical heritage. 

The specialists on the Bulgarian Revival work as curators in the section. 



Sliven, 18 "Tcar Osvoboditel"

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