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First Textile Factory on the Balkan Peninsula

The idea for building up a textile factory was initiated in 1834 by Dobri Zhelyazkov. Well-known as the first Bulgarian industrialist and nicknamed “Fabrikadziyata” or “factory owner”, he introduced the machine production not only in the Bulgarian lands, but on the Balkans. At that point there was an immense demand for textile goods in whole Europe, while the needs for uniforms and clothing for the Ottoman army kept growing. All these led to the rise of factory production and the textile industry in particular. Thus at the beginning of 1836 Sultan Mahmud II issued a ferman, which stated that Fabrikadziyata was free from taxes and fees. Moreover, it arranged the establishment of the first state factory for coarse cloth production. A two-storey building was constructed, and the clothing enterprise launched its activity on the next year. Due to the guaranteed placement of the goods and the successful functioning of the plant, it became kind of a production complex, where in 1843 a new three-storey construction was set up – the only one to remain until nowadays.

In 1904 part of the buildings were given away to the textile school. As for the large factory construction, it became one of the most horrific political prisons in Bulgaria (active until 1960).

Today the building belongs to one of the five sights managed by Regional Historical Museum Sliven. It hosts the following exhibitions:

  • "My City in the Past Years (1878-1940)"
  • "The Liberation - Military Correspondents Send ..."
  • "The Bulgarian Unification - Our Holy Deed"
  • "One legacy – to Protect Your Fatherland” devoted to the participants from Sliven in the First World War



Град Сливен, бул. „Цар Освободител” №18

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